William Blair Liquidates the Macro Allocation Fund


July 29, 2022


Upon recommendation of the Adviser, the Board of Trustees of William Blair Funds (the “Trust”) approved the liquidation of the William Blair Macro Allocation Fund (the “Fund”). The Fund's Liquidation Date was July 29, 2022, and the final net asset value ("NAV") per share as of July 29, 2022 is as follows: 


 Fund  Ticker  CUSIP  Fund ID #

Final NAV Per Share

 Macro Allocation Fund - Class N  WMCNX  969251792  2263  10.6916
 Macro Allocation Fund - Class I  WMCIX  969251784  2262  10.6241 
 Macro Allocation Fund - Class R6  WMCJX  969251750  2264  10.6220


Any shares of the Funds that have not been redeemed or exchanged prior to the Liquidation Date will be redeemed automatically at their NAV per share on the Liquidation Date.


For more information on the liquidation, please call William Blair Funds Shareholder Services or your William Blair client representative at the following numbers:


For Class N and Class I Shares:
Call: 1-800-635-2886

For Class R6 Shares
Call: 1-800-742-7272


If you are invested in the Fund through a financial intermediary, please contact that financial intermediary if you have any questions.

For more information on the Funds, please see the Annual Report and Semi-Annual Report here.